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2012"Behind the Scenes" Meeting Information

Our 2012 Volunteer Cast welcomes our 2012 student stars!

All meetings are held at Valencia Community College - West Campus
1800 South Kirkman Road, Orlando, Florida 32811

*Speakers subject to change*

January 28th, 2012 9am-12:30pm Bldg 3 room 111
Dream Big! and What's your gift? *Parents need to attend

Our 2012 teen student stage crew is ready to work with our 2012 student stars

Co-host Kim Mowatt cheers on our new 2012 student stars

NASA Engineer Ledlyne Heriscar shared the importance of never giving up when you have a dream!

Movie Director, Art Smith spoke with our teens about dreaming big and working hard!

February 25th, 2012 9am-12:30pm Bldg 1 room 113
*Parent and Student workshops

Guest Speaker Rosalyn Dunlap, encourages our parents to remember their own dreams.

Our parents are learning during their parent workshop.

Our guest speaker, Vince Carter Sr. talks to our teens about the importance of passion and perseverance!

Our teens listen intently to our speakers :-) This means they are interested and embracing the messages!

March 24th, 2012 9am-12:30pm Bldg 1 room 111
Sometime life hurts!

Our book discussions help us reinforce the importance of reading and engages our students in "thinking" about their choices.

Speaker Rachel Gray shared how she was "Chosen" by her American adoptive parents. Her message is your perception makes all the difference in your circumstances. She autographed the page where her story appears in our book.

Brandon Johnson is a quadriplegic as a result of bad choices including drinking and driving. He reminded our teens that ALL choices have consequences. The power of his message is how after his accident and various phases of recovery, he has CHOSEN to live his life on purpose!

April 14th, 2012 9am-12:30pm Bldg 1 room 111
Relationships/Self Esteem & Attitude

May 12th, 2012 9am-12:30pm Bldg 1 room 111
Show me the money!

June 18th- Details TBA
Lights, Camera and Action! Hollywood Gala

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