Our Behind The Scenes 2011 Volunteer Team Welcomes You

Meet our 2011 student stage crew volunteers who serve as peer mentors and student assistants.

2011"Behind the Scenes" Meeting Information

*Speakers subject to change*

January 22nd, 2011- Bldg 5 room 111 -park in lot D
Dream Big! and What's your gift? *Parents need to attend
-Fire Chief Bessie Hudson
-Judge Bob LeBlanc
-Judge Alicia Latimore

The Honorable Bob LeBlanc and the Honorable Alicia Latimore shared their journeys to justice.

Chief Bessie Hudson shared how perseverance was key on her journey to becoming the first African American female firefighter in Orange County.

Our first meeting we are up and moving.

February 12th, 2011- Bldg 9 -meet in lobby area - park in lot F
*Parent and Student workshops
-Attorney Rosalyn Dunlap
-Vince Carter Sr.-Director, Midnight Basketball
-Dr. Clara Walters -Retired Principal

Attorney Rosalyn Dunlap and her son Rasheed spoke with our students and parents about having dreams and overcoming obstacles.

Retired principal Dr. Clara Walters taught our parents...how to "Parent by design!"

Vince Carter Sr. talked to our parents about "coaching" their students to success and to our students about developing their greatness.

We held our first dream book discussions.

March 19th, 2011- Bldg 9-meet in lobby area - park in lot F
Sometime life hurts!
-Brandon Johnson - paralyzed from a car accident
-Rachel Gray - Adoption & diversity
-Yolanda Winters-make up artist
-Detective Angel Burgos -Orlando Police Department
-Dr. Stanley Stone - Valencia Community College

Student stage crew member, Kylie introduced Rachel Gray who told her story of being adopted.

Some of our students gather around Brandon Johnson who shares the consequences of drinking and driving.

Dr. Stanley Stone reminded us how important it is to have "options."

April 9th, 2011- HSB 105 - park in lot C
Relationships/Self Esteem & Attitude
-Monica May - Radio Personality
-Kim Mowatt -Co-host of "Behind the Scenes!"

Radio personality Monica May talks to the students and parents about the importance of loving yourself.

Student Stage Crew member Wesley introduces Detective Angel Burgos who talked about how you still succeed and survive when life hurts!

May 7th, 2011- HSB105 - park in lot C
Show me the money!
-Teddy Roque - Bank of America

May 21st, 2011- HSB 105- park in lot C
Think out of the box and get involved!
-Vern Graham - General Manager of Walmart
-Jackie Shuler - EA Sports
- Engineer Darren Austin
-Movie Director Art Smith

Movie Director Art Smith engaged the teens!

Video game company recruiter Jackie Shuler spoke to the teens about opportunities in the gaming industry.

We are empowering our teens!

June 18th - Signature Event Building 8- park in lot F
Lights, Camera and Action! Hollywood Gala
Date to be announced in January.

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